Duane Bronson's Resume

Duane Bronson

Zealous fast learner and self starter with over 20 years of experience planning, designing, building, testing, and shipping innovative software products.

(617) 515-2909
To become an member of a dynamic team of skilled software developers
  • Numerous technical lead roles
  • Coordinated development activities for four engineers at Symantec and five engineers at Process
  • Represented Process Software in the Anti-Spyware Coalition
  • Managed two contractors at Fingerhut Companies
  • Scrum experience as both participant and Scrum Master
  • Knowledge


    C/C++, Java, Perl, bash/ksh, Lua, HTML, XML, Tcl, Lisp/Scheme, IDL, Lex, Yacc, Bat/Cmd, Smalltalk, Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL

    Operating Systems

    Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, OS/2


    X-Windows, STL, MFC, CORBA, CGI, STL, Motif, Tk, COM


    Eclipse, Visual Studio, Vim (vi), CVS, RCS, Awk, Sed, UML, Purify, DNS, Apache, Make, Ant





    Software Engineer, Riverbed Cambridge, MA
  • Designed and built a service hierarchy in C++ and SQL that defines a myriad of individual policies
  • Created a license management system that auto updates from a server and supports expiring licenses
  • Built a FIPS certified version of openssl and obtained FIPS certification
  • Implemented continuous integration for builds
  • Automated developer tests on fresh installs of Qemu virtual machines
  • 2008-2010

    Software Engineer, Sonos Cambridge, MA
  • Designed built and tested a SOAP based LAMP server to communicate with external music services
  • Worked directly with a French partner to connect our embedded device to their music service
  • Engineered a bridge to two social networking partners from our embedded device
  • Maintained code on OSX, Windows, Ubuntu, Red Hat, and embedded Linux
  • 2007-2008

    Lead Software Engineer, Lavastorm Boston, MA
  • Led a SCRUM to manage tasks and track project completion
  • Assessed scalability of product and provided hardware build-out guidelines
  • Revised the server throttling architecture to maximize throughput
  • Assumed Lead developer role of Java and C++ based server
  • Designed and built a TCP/IP handshaking protocol in C++ to ensure a valid communication channel and thwart denial of service attacks
  • Automated builds and streamlined the release process
  • Wrote release notes, tweaked software packaging scripts, and released packages to QA and external website
  • Successfully improved and promoted collaboration tools (wiki, bug tracking, source control)
  • 2005-2007

    Director of Spyware Research and Principal Software Engineer, Process Software (formarly Tenebril), Boston, MA
  • Managed team of 5 software developers and researchers
  • Played an active part representing Process Software in the Anti-Spyware Coalition
  • Improved SpyCatcher's footprint (60% reduction) and performance (10%-200% improvements)
  • Studied mutating spyware and rootkit behavior and helped architect SpyCatcher's API Interception
  • Migrated spyware fingerprint database and collection tools to a LAMP Architecture
  • Designed a spyware automation system which installed spyware on a VM and added it to our fingerprints
  • Managed live production website containing daily spyware updates while mitigating risk
  • Produced a "spyware digest" website to communicate statistics and new threats to sales and marketing
  • Designed tools for customer contributed spyware
  • Debugged the spyware detection/remediation engine
  • Technologies used: C++, Lua, Perl, PHP, MySQL, NetBSD, Windows, and Linux
  • 1996-2005

    Staff Engineer, Symantec Software (formerly Veritas), Roseville, MN and Boston, MA
      Major Development EffortsInvolvementInitial Version
      NetBackup Reporting GUI - Windows/C++design/code3 months
      NetBackup Activity Monitor GUI - Windows/C++design/code4 months
      NetBackup Reporting GUI - Unix/Java/Swingdesign/code3 months
      NetBackup Activity Monitor Backend - Windows/Unix/C++lead/design/code5 months
      NetBackup Activity Monitor Scalability - Windows/C++design/code4 months
      NetBackup Troubleshooting Feature - Java/JSP/CORBAlead/design2 months
      NetBackup Log Management Feature - Java/JSP/CORBA/C++lead/design/code7 months
  • Designed and implemented many applications (GUI, CLI, Web) in C++, Perl, and Java
  • Cross platform development for many platforms (Windows, Unix, Linux)
  • Large software project (250+ developers, +3000 KLOC) in heterogeneous environment
  • Successfully lead many development efforts with on-time delivery
  • Discussed use cases and formalized requirements specifications at the feature level
  • Applied asynchronous and multi threaded architectures to increase performance 100-fold
  • 1994-1996

    Technical Architecture LeadFingerhut Companies, Plymouth, MN
  • Managed two contractors and acted as team lead for two others
  • Forged the three-tiered architecture for in-house sales and customer service applications
  • Developed standards documents for C, C++TeleUSE, and code reviews
  • Researched technologies such as Java, OOD, DCE, CDE, and CGI
  • Technical reference for OOD, X, Motif, UNIX, C, Java, Perl, and Internet
  • 1993-1994

    Software EngineerEmphasys Software, Inc., Eden Prairie, MN
  • Designed and developed a DDS compiler for an AS400 emulator under UNIX
  • Employed sophisticated compiler construction tools, lex and yacc, to build grammar engine
  • Led a developer in the construction of data manipulation routines and mentored others
  • Designed and developed a sophisticated source configuration management system
  • Senior member of a highly skilled software engineering staff
  • Considered to be the resident X, UNIX, and C guru
  • 1991-1993

    Member of Technical StaffTellabs Operations, Inc., Lisle, IL
  • Worked on a medium-large system (+1000 KLOC, +90 man years)
  • Worked with medium-large development team (20-30 developers)
  • Headed up design of real time performance analysis of each of 4096 T1s (or 128 T3s)
  • Used Object Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Embedded System: 68030 and 68020
  • Distributed System: 3 different processor functions
  • Single Fault Tolerance: all components required a redundant including processors
  • Translated hardware specs to manageable code
  • Summer 1990

    ProgrammerCanberra, Inc., Meriden, CT
  • GUI development in OS/2
  • Completed 2.5 month project in 1.5 months.
  • Education


    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering
  • Took more Computer Science courses than is required for Computer Science majors
  • Overloaded schedule allowed me to graduate one semester early (3.5 years)
  • GPA: 4.0/5.0
  • Community Involvement
  • Boston Perl Mongers
  • Boston PHP Meetup
  • The Boston Java Meetup Group
  • Music Hack Day
  • Interests
    Project Management, UNIX, embedded systems, OOD, Methodologies, Java, GUI design, X-Windows, Volleyball, Rock Climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, Underwater Hockey, Marathons

    References available upon request

    http://www.nerdlogic.com/resume - V2.12