Ft. Pierce

From Port Orange

We were in Port Orange more than a week.  We  were able to hire a mechanic to answer a bunch of questions for us about the things that were failing.  We had to order a new windlass (anchor winch).  Unfortunately, low volume vendors make life difficult to plan.  We waited until Feb 13 to sail because we expected a delivery on that date, but they never even shipped it.  So, we left Port Orange for Ft. Pierce that night.  Otherwise we will need to wait for the weekend to sail due to weather.

Duane got to run from Port Orange up to Daytona Beach.  It was sad to run along the beach and see all the destruction from the previous hurricane.  So many expensive houses have lost 10-50 feet of their property line to the ocean.  Many houses have fallen down or are unlivable.  Repairs are in progress on many houses, though.

To Fourt Pierce

We chose a low wind day, so we motored for 80% of the trip.  When we did have the sails up, we were only doing 4-6 knots, so not any faster.  As a consequence, we worked while at sea until we anchored at 2pm.  The combination of 4 hours of sleep and a boat rocking in the waves made the work less productive than normal.