Branford to Boston

Yvon Guy

We had an honored guest on the last passage of our triumphant return to Boston.  Yvon Guy, long time friend of Duane, wanted to meet up with us for some of our voyage last winter, but instead decided to injure his back and milk that excuse out since January.  However, the train ride to Branford from Boston is so convenient, that he couldn't say no.  Duane and his dad picked Yvon up from the train station and delivered him to the boat.  We hoisted a french courtesy flag, although Yvon claimed it was hung upside down.

When we arrived in Boston, it was lightly raining and all the buildings were covered in fog.  We pulled into our slip in the Constitution Marina and were pleasantly surprised how close we were to the actual USS Constitution.  We were significantly less pleased later when we learned that every sunset is announced with a very loud cannon.