Morehead to Branford

Cape Hatteras

This sail started out as a Cape Hatteras passage.  This is the most dangerous sail on the US east coast.  The minimum voyage is about 24 hours and there is no safe place to duck into if the weather gets rough.  We found a good window with reasonably calm winds and planned our sail to Norfolk, VA.

On our way out of town, we visited the gas station, but we couldn't dock because they had rented their dock out for the evening.  There were no other gas stations we could get to before they closed, so we tied back up to a nearby resturant that we had been eating at, and walked four jerry cans over to the gas station and back.  We didn't quite fill the tank, but the gas station closed for the night and it was enough to get to Norfolk, so we set sail.

Rounding the two capes went very smoothly and we were sailing for a good portion of the journey, so our fuel level was not a concern.  After monitoring the weather, we made the decision to skip Chesapeake Bay and continue on another day to Deleware.  After continuing to conserve gas, we pushed on to Atlantic City, NJ.  

We still didn't need gas until at least NYC, but we arrived in Atlantic City around 4pm and it was a convenient inlet to get in and out with a full tank.  When we got to the fuel dock, it was raining and we were probably the only customers that whole day.  Plus, there were half a dozen sunken boats by the dock maybe meant to scare off customers.  We didn't want to pay the $100+ to stay the night, but the attendant at the gas station said we could leave the boat for a bit to go get some milk and eggs, "hell, you could stay tied up all night for all I care".  So, we did, and we left before they opened in the morning.  Duane was able to get in a wet run along the boardwalk.

We arrived in New York Harbor on Sunday night and decided to anchor near Sandy Hook.  We woke up to a dozen fishing boats that all wanted to fish in the shade of our boat.  Duane threw a line out, too, but without bait, there wasn't much happening.

We calculated the current timing through Hell Gate and then motored through New York City.  It was a little chilly but a beautiful suny day in a beautiful city.  Unfortunately, Andrea worked all day below deck.  We anchored by Throg's Neck Bridge in a very peaceful cove.

The next day we pushed on to Branford Connecticut where we anchored right outside Duane's father's home.