West End

Leaving Paradise

Sadly, we are now standing at the door with our eyes west towared the US.  With only a couple days left, we want to get a final jog before the big sail coming up.

The sun sets over Florida 50 miles away


Our last anchorage at Freeport lasted two nights.  We left when we did because the waves were predicted to get higher and West End was supposed to be calmer.

Freeport was much friendlier and more accessable than Nassau.  We were even told by the police "Sorry -- the gate closes at 7pm, but you can squeeze by it on the left".  Duane took 4 dry bags and swam to shore to buy some fresh vegetables.

West End

Clearly conch is king in the West End.  Duane went for a jog out of the resort area and into the residental area.  It was definitely a big shift in classes and income level.  There is a big conch fishing community to support the classic bahamas specialty that every tourist wants to try.

It was so smart to pack some dry running shoes  and shorts in a dry  bag, swim to shore, and then run in comfort.  Sadly, the huge downpour in the middle of the run soaked through to the bone anyway.  The run was refreshing, though.

Conch grave yard -- this pier is made entirely of conch corpses.

Our home in the Bahamas on a rainy day.