Charleston to Hilton Head

Mistakes Were Made

We arrived in Charleston as the sun set on Saruday after sailing 24 hours.  We put the anchor down in 12 feet of water and quickly went to sleep for the night.  We set anchor alarms on our phones to alert us if our position drifts due to our anchor not being set.  At about midnight, Andrea noticed we stopped swaying with the waves and was tilted to one side.  That's not good - we had run aground while the tide was going out!  We had another foot to go before low tide and at that point, our boat was at a 45 degree angle.

Andrea called BoatUS and spoke to a captain about what they can do to help us, and they said the things they could do had a greater risk at damaging the boat than just waiting until the tide came back in.  So, we waited and in the morning we dropped the anchor in a new place.

Sunday night we were still recovering from the 24 hour sail and the sleepless hours of worrying about the boat sinking, so we went to bed early and listened to the wind howl.  At 10:30pm, we woke up to our anchor alarms going off -- our anchor had slipped and we had drifted into very shallow water.  We jumped out of bed and pulled up the anchor quickly.  Fortunately, we didn't bottom out this time.  It would have been much worse if we did because we were at high tide in much shallower water.

The Passage

We pulled up anchor in 20 knot winds because the prediction was for 10 knot winds in a couple hours and we needed to fill up with water since the water maker is complaining about an abnormal pressure differential (we must have a clog somewhere, but that's another story).  We also filled the emergency desiel jugs just in case we find ourself out at sea longer than we anticipated.  We ended up leaving Charleston at 5:30pm and the sails went up as soon as we left the channel.

The winds were light (8 knots) as predicted for the first few hours.  Then, the slowly built up to around 20 knots even though the prediction was 10-12 knots.  Fortunately, the wave height was only a foot or so, so the boat was hitting 6-8 knots most of the way.  We anchored right before morning light just in time for Andrea to join her zoom workout class.