Market Fish

Customs at West End

Awesome customs experience.  We didn't expect a fixed dock, so we messed up the fenders, but the weather was forgiving and there was plenty of room for us.  The customs visit took 20 minutes and they didn't inspect anything.  We were worried becuase we had a few mostly-empty bottles of alcohol that we thought we would need to toss.  Then we lowered the qurantine flag and raised the Bahama courtesy flag.

Harry Conch

We feasted on a yummy conch sallad, fried lobster, and fried conch.  All were really good .  Andrea was sad that the Banana Hannock was covered up, but she wouldn't tell me why.

Conch Salad (with tomatos, onions, lime juice)

Covered up.  :(

Wading and watching turtles and fish

The Bahamas courtesy flag

First official Bahama sunrise

Berry Islands

We left West End in the early afternoon and headed for the Berry Islands.  We arrived shortly after sunrise and found a partially-protected cove to anchor and start the work week.

We need to get to Nassau by Friday, but we don't know when yet.