New York

Written by Duane

Hell Gate


Thursday was a work day for both of us, but it was perfect weather for motoring through New York City. The crux of that journey is passing under Hell Gate bridge. There’s a short window of time in the tide schedule where the current won't knock under-powered sailboats around. We timed it close enough, but after Hell Gate, the East River had a lot of eddies and it’s hard to keep a straight corse. Fortunately, there wasn’t much traffic, so the trip was quite pleasant despite the sublte challanges.

Throg's Neck Bridge

This one is also a bridge

Another bridge

A metaphorical bridge

Lunch with a view

A lot of sailing is really just spending a day finding a nice place to have lunch.

Instead of a picnic blanket, he laid down an anchor and enjoyed our lunch under the eyes of lady liberty. When we pulled her anchor up, it was covered in muck and Duane got to use the anchor wash for the first time. The achor got clean and my feet got soaked.