Written by Duane 10/25/2022

Edited by Andrea 11/18/2022

Landlords suck

(Duane) After two rentals where the landlord tried unsuccessfully to withhold my security deposit, I moved in with Andrea to get a nicer apartment for less money. It turned out to be a terrible place with water coming up from the floor and getting everything wet, showers having hot water for only 2 minutes 10 seconds, the strong smell of rats, and a landlord that was ineffective at fixing anything. We looked for rentals and condos but nothing really met our criteria in Boston that we could afford together. So, we threw everything in storage and looked for a boat while couch surfing.

Sailing in Boston

(Duane) For two years we have been sailing in Boston together and enjoying it whenever the weather allows. We have bare-boat chartered to week-long trips in Europe. Duane has taken enough classes to (mostly) catch up to Andrea's education on paper, although Andrea still has magnatudes more experience.

A bit about Andrea

(Andrea) Hi, My name is Andrea and I'm a procrastinator. (This section was written 11/18 only after Duane makes me proof read his 5th posting). If any of you have ever texted or emailed me and waited forever for a response, you know what I'm talking about (and I'm really sorry!!! You know I love you! Just bug me!). While I would like to create some of these posts myself, I find that I mostly read what Duane has written and then want to add (ahem - "correct") some things. So I'm going to give this a try using this font so you'll know it's me. And you'll know it's probably weeks after Duane has posted, so maybe go back and re-read posts????

Photo: From my desk at work pre-covid. I miss those days, but also I would most likely not be on this trip without it.

Choosing a Boat

(Duane) Finding the right boat isn't easy. They are expensive and bad investments, and it's hard to tell what anything is worth. We traveled as far as Anapolis looking at various sizes and ages of boats. We even found one with the same name as Duane's oldest daughter, but we wanted something a little bigger.


(Duane) We found a boat in Connecticut we think will work, and we even like the name. We haven't decided yet if we should rename it. Most of our ideas just aren't as good as "Inconceivable".

  • Sea Word (Actually "The Sea Word". Admittedly I had been drinking and this would be sure to offend most. But this was in the spirit of taking back the word rather than to just be crass).

  • She Shanty (thanks KC!)

  • Anonymous Anemone Enema

  • Radio Check (or better yet "May Day")

  • The Coat Skar

  • Naughty Call (This was supposed to be "NautiGal". I wanted something to convey that there are women sailors out there! But because of all the derogatory boat names out there, I was afraid this just be seen as another one instead of having the female empowerment I wanted.)

  • Tackless Gibe

Duane on the Water

(Duane) Duane started swimming lessons at age 3 and learned lifeguarding and joined the high school swim team and still does 1- 2 mile open water swims on warm summer days (picture). He fell in love with sailing in Boy Scouts and spent a lot of time sailing tiny recreational 1-2 person boats and wind surfers. In 2009, Duane joined Boston's Community Boating club and passed his Helmsman test so that he could take his family sailing on the Charles River. Unfortunately, my daughters, Lilikoi and Palila didn't appreciate sailing and the other boats didn't appreciate all the screaming, so Duane gave up on his sailing dreams until he met Andrea in early 2021.

Andrea *loves* social media ;)

(Andrea) I'm old school (see title) and way more of a lurker than an active participant in social media. I'm so bad at it, that Duane had to teach me to look at the camera phone lens when he's taking a selfie of us! I'm trying to get better at taking pictures and videos so we have lots to share and remember. Although most of the pics on my phone are of my (former) cat, Tiger.