Main Sail Issues

North Sails forgot to patch this tear.

Repaired Sail

Our sail was mostly repaired by North Sails except they missed one tear in the center of the sail.  Duane slapped some sail tape on it and declared it ready to hoist.  Unfortunately, he ripped another spot while hoisting the sail as it snagged and he didn't notice.   So, we took the sail down and shelved the project.

Duane the Sailmaker

Once we got more sail tape in, Duane went to work stiching the new rip and then reinforcing it with sail tape.  It took a few hours, but it seems much more durable than the other tear with just the sail tape.  That tear may get re-visited in the future now that Duane has developed some sailmaking skills.

Spectacle Island

With the prediction of only 3 knots of wind the next morning, Darren and Duane sailed (on the jib) out to Spectacle Island for the night.  On a mooring, the boat will naturally point into the wind and thus make it easier to hoist the repaired sail.  It turned out to be a smart plan since Boston hit 90º and it was cooler on the water.

There were still a few difficulties in rigging the main, though.  Firstly, it's really hard to attach the sail to the in-mast furler when you need to climb the mast a bit, ballance on the boom, and stick a few fingers in through the access holes to screw in the shackles -- all without dropping anything because retrieving a pin or shackle from inside the mast or from the ocean floor would be near impossible.  This is living on the edge.

Afterwards, we dinghy'd over to the island and jogged around to let off some steam.  It was pretty hot on land except at the top of the island when we could feel a nice breeze.  Once we worked up enough body heat, we could swim for short periods of time in the 58º water.  Brrrr.

When we came back to the dock, our new neighbor didn't give us much room -- about 3 feet of clearance.  Duane very skillfully pulled the boat in without hitting either boat.  His brother, Darren threw the bowline to Austin, another neighbor that happened to be on the dock at the time, and then quickly jumped off and secured the stern -- pretty impressive for a new sailor.