A healthy body makes a healthy mind. Here are the sports I enjoy


There is nothing I enjoy more than this sport. It has all the competition without the bad sportsmanship. I commission a local GM league in the spring and fall. I run a summer league team called "Rabbit Disc". I recruit teams for travel GM and GGM tournaments.


I played volleyball year round while living in Minneapolis for 8 years. I particularly love playing twos on sand. It's not nearly as intense as ultimate, so I intend to keep playing volleyball long after I have retired from ultimate.


I'm not really a very good runner. I lack lung capacity, so I burn out quickly. I can sprint and run long distances, though. I enjoyed running marathons from the mid 90s to 2004. I started training distances again in 2018 and ran the Leadville 100 in 2019.


My high school sport has conditioned me to work out whenever I'm in the water. So relaxing. I also enjoy swimming related sports such as water polo and underwater hockey, but I don't get the opportunity to play much.

Weight Lifting

Ok, I don't enjoy weight lifting so much, but I find it's good at keeping my major muscles in shape, and it does feel good to stretch them out.