Cape May

Written by Duane

Hurricane Nicole

What? It’s still hurricane season? It officially ends Nov 30, but it’s hard to enforce that law. Boston sailors head south around November 1 due to the cold and back to Boston in the Spring due to hurricanes. Do they just hope November doesn’t have hurricanes? So, what do they do about November hurricanes?

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Nicole left NYC on Saturday morning. Despite our fears of high waves, we woke up before dawn, and chased the storm out of town. Then, we headed south along to Jersey shore, but we didn't know where we are going to end up. One possibility is Atlantic City, but the weather is good enough to continue our journey another 30 hours to Norfolk, Virginia.


As we passed Atlantic City in the dark, Andrea made the hard choice to continue to Norfolk even though the waves were rough and we wouldn’t make it there until dark the next day, and maybe not until Monday morning. Then she went down while Duane took fist shift. At 2am, she woke up and declared she can’t do it, so we changed our mind and headed to the port at Cape May, NJ which was 3 hours back to shore. We should have angled south some and crossed the Delaware to save us time later, but we didn’t research that option very well beforehand, so it didn’t occur to us.

New York behind us

Setting sun